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This is one of the perks of being here. Free design events! I headed over to the Grace building that looks over Bryant Park yesterday. It was a medium sized space filled with funky interior design booths. Site Unseen held the 4 day event with their identity designed by one of my faves, Kokoro & Moi.

I thought I’d just walk around, take pics, and see what’s happening in the design world. I ended up speaking to some of the people there and realized…this is what networking is. Did I have my business cards with me? Nope. But I know what to do next time. This is why I moved here. Such easy access to reach out to people you always see online. They were friendly too! I thought they would be pretentious but they weren’t at all.

You know I had to pick up sneaky print pieces they had laying around in corners. Reminded me when I went on a hunt for print ephemera in the Venice Biennale in 2013. Never forget.

Also, a funny note, I took my bazooka slr thinking I’d take bloggy pics with it and forgot to put in the battery. So all these pics are with my iphone. I think it took better photos than the slr would have taken.

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